Ex-Voto Collection is out!

We are thrilled to present to you the new collection "Ex-Voto"

Ex-Voto means " from the vows " in Latin. An ex-voto is an offering to the gods for intercessions or to express gratitudeThrough this collection is explored the symbolism and the materialization of beliefs and spirituality whatever they may be. The lookbook evolves around two antagonisms existing in all religions and beliefs : the virtue and the temptation ; the virgin and the woman of easy virtue. These two opposites are an integral part of the human condition and the empirical and spiritual search for the meaning of existence.

ex voto by Eugenie Bee Jewelry

Ascalon Locket necklace

ex-voto by Eugenie Bee jewelry

dara headpiece

Molitor black pearl triangle earrings

dara gold headpiece

ex-voto by Eugenie Bee jewelry

hecate moon crescent necklace

Crinoline gold filled pearls earrings

zellige gold bracelet

ex voto by eugenie bee jewelry

Aya gold headpiece

chiaroscuro pearl locket rosary necklace

ex voto by eugenie bee jewelry

ascalon pearl diamond gold locket

Majorelle pearl bird of paradise headpiece

Zayith pearl gold laurel twig necklace

Ubasti gold headpiece

Loie gold Handpiece Handlet

aya triangle bohemian headpiece

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